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Here's a sample of some of the many diverse and lovely faces I see from day to day, photographed in my studio and on the street. They're not just faces, they're stories. Each and every one.

These galleries are best viewed on a large or high-res display with a good cheap or free internet connection.

If you're interested in seeing yet more of my work, just click these links to my flickr site, istockphoto portfolio or instagram.

anne de haas


Anne de Haas

I'm a Toronto photographer specializing in portraits, corporate and actor headshots and musician portfolios. I shoot people, it's my passion.

If there is a connection between photographer and subject, the result is something quite special, so that translates into a connection between your image and the person viewing it. The spark draws people in, they want to know you, hire you, contact you, that's when a good portait does its job. I like to think that my clients give me something of themselves and I just capture it. Magic.